Patient Responsibility

Family Medicine Associates continues to work to be the best provider of care possible for you and your family.  As a patient, you can help us serve you better with some considerations:
1) If you are unable to keep your appointment, please contact our office as soon as possible so we can reschedule you and open the appointment time for someone else who may want to be seen that day.  Missing more than 2 appointments without notice can impact your patient status. 
2) When your prescription is due for a refill, please contact your pharmacy as most use an electronic method for notifying the office that a refill is needed.  It is an efficient system for all involved.
3) Questions regarding your health can be managed through our patient portal.  This is a communication tool for non-urgent issues direct to your provider.  If you are sending a message regarding your child, please use the login for that child.  You can also call us for assistance at 785-830-0100.
4) Insurance can be challenging for patients and providers alike.  It is always the patient’s responsibility to confirm coverages for any procedure or office visit at FMA.  Although we try to be ever mindful of the changing insurance environment, the number of policies and the situations unique to each patient make it impossible for our office to know exactly what will be paid for.  
5) A provider is on call 24/7 for medical concerns that cannot wait until the next business day.  Please contact us if you need us through the general number 785-830-0100 and follow the prompts for after hours service.